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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

President Correa Sent Greetings to Cuba

From Escambray, 29 October, 2007

Quito - The president of Ecuador, Rafael Correa, sent a message of solidarity and a fraternal greeting to the Cuban people, given by his adviser, Galo Moro, at the opening of the Fifth Continental Meeting of friendship with the Island, reported PL.

Moro expressed the backing of Correa for this reunion for friendship and unity, and he explained that the Head of State could not be present at the event, because he had to participate in the itinerant cabinet meeting that is taking place in the province of Zamora Chinchipe, in the southeast of this country.

The representative explained to the participants that since last January 15, Ecuador has begun a civic revolution to benefit the majority of Ecuadorians, who live in poverty, and he reiterated the government’s will not to renew the agreement that allows the presence of US troops in the Manta base, so they will have to leave there in the year 2009.

President Correa’s representative thanked the Cubans for their courage and resistance and he said: "Thank you Cuba, thank you Fidel (Castro)", He also called for the liberation of the five Cuban prisoners in jails in United States for fighting against terrorism, the communiqué reported.

The president of the Cuban Parliament and leader of the Cuban delegation at the event, Ricardo Alarcón, also spoke at the opening of the 5th Continental Meeting of Solidarity with Cuba.

Before a packed theater of young and multi-ethnic crowd from the movements of friendship with Cuba from 30 Latin American and Caribbean nations, Alarcón thanked them for their support of his country and urged it to multiply.

The Cuban people are grateful for this great Latin American solidarity, which they deserve, because they have won it, and because they continue to be the victims of a genocidal intent: the American blockade, the longest in history, he asserted.

He also highlighted the time of change that Latin America is living.

"The time for true liberation is coming for our people", of unity and solidarity, he affirmed.

Alarcón called on the thousands of representatives of 30 nations gathered in the Ecuadorian Culture Centre to unite their efforts to build a better world.

It is the time "to make a united effort, fraternity among all, to win here in our lands that new world that millions and millions around the planet claim", he underlined.

The 5th Meeting will conclude with the approval of the Quito Declaration.

Among those personalities participating are, besides Alarcón, the Sandinista Commander Tomás Borge, the Puerto Rican fighter Rafael Cancel Miranda, and family of the five antiterrorists Cuban prisoners in United States.

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