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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Latin America's Able to Build 21st Century Socialism

Havana, Oct 30.

Radio Cadena Agramonte- Cuban Parliament President, Ricardo Alarcon, said on Tuesday in Quito, Ecuador that Latin America is going through a turning point of its history while building the socialism of the 21st century.

In statements to PL, Alarcon emphasized that Latin Americans will be able to build their own socialism, and that a single model will not be imposed. He quoted Ecuador's president Rafael Correa as saying that each nation will build their own system based on its own traditions and characteristics.

He also stressed that even when the systems will be different; there will be a unity of principles, based on solidarity and human fraternity.

Alarcon mentioned Ecuador as one of the countries undergoing changes that could lead to the so called 21st century socialism under Correa's leadership.

The Cuban parliament leader concluded by emphasized that only unity will win us the victory. (ACN)

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