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Thursday, October 04, 2007

ECUARUNARI calls on the Assembly to dissolve the National Congress

ECUARUNARI calls on the Assembly to dissolve the National Congress

Quito, 2nd of October of 2007

To the indigenous peoples and nationalities

To the social organisations

To the people in general

Before the forceful triumph of the Left, the Confederation of Peoples of Kichwa Nationality of Ecuador declare that all the fights of the peoples to have been validated. The indigenous movement has walked with the ancestral force of our parents and in the tracks left by the union movement, we have contributed decidedly to the resistance that most Ecuadorians maintained against the neoliberal model and the prescriptions of the IMF, and World Bank, the agencies of the North American empire

The historical opportunity represented by the electoral results and the consequent formation of the Constituent Assembly proves that all the struggles, led by different sectors, arising at different times, the marches, the campaigns, the confrontations, the forums, were not in vain in the long construction of the conditions necessary to make a revolution. History demonstrates, and we reaffirm our conviction from the fact, that the peoples have not rested in their struggles for freedom, justice, fairness and well-being. In this respect we consider the support of Movimiento Pais and the Government of Rafael Correa to be fundamental and salute the triumph obtained in these elections by all the tendencies of Left.

The problems of the indigenous peoples, farmers, montubios and blacks are political, social and economic problems, are problems of society as a whole, and we hope that in this Assembly we can recognise the different peoples and thus be able to fortify the true democracy of the people with the construction of a PLURINACINAL STATE to continue defeating the dark colonialism of the past 514 years of submission and exclusion. In opposition to this reality the indigenous peoples no longer want the folklore of the "Creole democracies" or the justifications for poverty given by the international financiers like the IMF. Or in the better cases in the tourist postcards that previous governments have made.

The first fundamental tasks that the Constituent Assembly must confront are to dissolve the National Congress because it lacks political legitimacy, to recover the natural resources - petroleum, water, mining, hydroelectricity, forests that have been conceded to private transnational companies - and to write up a constitution with all the profundity of our peoples. To this task we commit ourselves completely. We put ourselves at the disposal of the exploited, the discriminated against and the impoverished majorities of the country, with all of the persistence and struggle of the indigenous peoples and nations, and we hope to work alongside all the social and political sectors of the country in the fulfillment of the mandate given by the sovereign people of Ecuador.

We Ecuadorians have continued to open up the pathways to change, a change initiated by Tupak Amaru, Simón Bolivar, Fernando Dakilema and Eloy Alfaro, the same path that Dolores Cacuango and Che Guevara walked. Now we must make our commitment with history and take responsibility for the future.

For a plurinational state, with justice, fairness and dignity.

Humberto Cholango


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