The people of Ecuador are rising up to refound their country as a pluri-national homeland for all. This inspiring movement, with Ecuador's indigenous peoples at its heart, is part of the revolution spreading across the Americas, laying the groundwork for a new, fairer, world. Ecuador Rising aims to bring news and analysis of events unfolding in Ecuador to english speakers.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Ecuadorians Demand New Congress

Quito (Prensa Latina via Escambray) Actions to favor dismantling the Ecuadorian Congress fill the capital's streets with symbolic acts and farewell activities for deputies.

Social groups, workers' unions and elected assembly members are preparing to press legislators and invite them to leave their seats with dignity before a resolution from the Constituent Assembly.

A first protest took place Thursday with the attendance of hundreds of people from grass-roots and human rights organizations, to urge deputies to abandon their seats.

Participants in the rally ratified, with songs and slogans, their support of the breaking up of the Parliament, once the Constituent Assembly is created in mid November.

Also on the list are other actions of this kind to force lawmakers to leave their seats, coinciding with prior calls made by President Rafael Correa.

The statesman urged parliamentarians last week to have a little dignity and go home, because in the September 30 elections, people voted for changing and constructing a new Ecuador.

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