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Thursday, October 04, 2007

Ecuador Leftwing Claims Congress Resignation

Quito, Oct 3 (Prensa Latina) Ecuadorian leftwing and central-leftwing blocs are in favor of an honorable resignation by the national Congress, faced with a Constituent Assembly proposal to dissolve that authority.

MPD -People's Democratic- and indigenous Pachakutik movements announced that their deputies will present their resignation to the leadership of their groups, to determine if they leave their parliamentary seats.

MPD legislators Tania Mason, Gustavo Teran, and Augusto Caicedo ratified that establishing the Constituent Assembly by the end of the present month, must end the Congress duties.

Thus, they announced they would put the decision of leaving their posts in the hands of their parties' top leadership.

The Pachakuitk parliamentarians will do the same, and although there is some differing voice, they will obey that group leadership's decision.

Other political forces, with minority representation in the legislature, as the socialists, expressed their willingness tob abandon their posts voluntarily.

That position counters the stance of the opposition parties, as Christian Social, Patriotic Society, Christian Democrat, and Institutional Renovation, which insist on keeping their posts.

Those political parties reject that the Constituent Assembly, with full powers, has authority to dissolve the Parliament.

Congress leader Jorge Cevallos will meet on Wednesday the blocs' heads to analyze this issue and try to achieve a position, faced with increasing demands to dissolve that authority, a clear evidence of support to the change in the elections on Sunday.

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