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Sunday, October 07, 2007

Ecuador Incumbents Solidify Win

Quito, Oct 4 (Prensa Latina) Results of the official counting of votes on Thursday confirm the victory of the ruling Alianza Pais movement in the Ecuadorian elections on the Constituent Assembly, and uncover the crisis of traditional parties.

After 52 percent of the 37,656 ballot papers were counted, Alianza Pais was holding 70.75 percent of votes, while the rest hardly registered ten percent of votes.

According to official figures by the Electoral Supreme Court (TSE), the group of President Rafael Correa will be a majority at the Assembly, thus corroborating the defeat of the rest of political forces.

The Sociedad Patriotica of former President Lucio Gutierrez, is second with only 8.16 percent of votes, followed by Prian with 5.57, Socialcristiana (3.03 percent), Red Democratica (2 percent), and Movimiento Popular Democrático (1.66 percent).

TSE began the official counting Sunday night, and is expected to conclude its task in less than ten days.

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