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Monday, October 01, 2007

Ecuador, Fourth Election in One Year

Ecuador, Fourth Election in One Year

Quito, Sep 30 (Prensa Latina) Ecuador will elect Sunday 130 members of the Constituent Assembly among 3,229 candidates at the fourth election within 12 months.

Victors of this poll will draft Ecuador s 20th Constitution and will help assess the effects of the changes proposed by President Rafael Correa.

After the presidential runoffs and a poll to approve and set up the Constituent Assembly on October 31, Correa hopes to be forerunner allowing him to make reforms that check decades of instability.

During his election campaign and November victory, this Assembly has been his ace card to set a new destiny for the nation, rich with natural resources while its people are mostly poor.

Correa, whose popularity reaches 80 percent, hopes to be confirmed with majority support from nine million voters for the government Alianza Pais, giving him a smashing victory over a weak opposition that still has economic power.

That would help realign power structure, give the state a more relevant role in the economy and promote free education and health care for all.

Correa considers the Constituent Assembly a necessity to wipe out the conservative parties and end the neoliberal model that entrenched inequality and worsen poverty.

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