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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Ecuadorian Court Discredits Press

Ecuadorian Court Discredits Press
Jorge Acosta, President of the Supreme Electoral Court (TSE)
Quito, Sep 18 (Prensa Latina) The President of the Supreme Electoral Court (TSE) Jorge Acosta disqualified the national press on Tuesday and reiterated that the propaganda activity in the Ecuadorian campaign for the Constituent Assembly must remain normal.

There is not disproportion in granting advertising spaces to parties and political movements attending the electoral campaign, highlighted Acosta in a National TV channel.

He alerted that certain media, especially El Universo newspaper, does not report the truth around the process previous to Sunday"s 30 elections.

The TSE"s leader emphasized he will present the Congress a report monitoring the electoral propaganda that proves a slight difference of one percent between the groups regarding propaganda.

It is not true that the governmental Movement "Pais Agreement" has 1609 TV and Radio spaces nor the Social Christian counts with 503 propaganda guideline and the rest of the parties hardly reach one thousand, emphasized the leader.

Acosta criticized some journalists" work and said they are very enthusiastic when standing out or taking any information coming from non-professionals or interested in having more TV and newspaper coverage.

He opposes the TSE takes actions against any newspaper or journalist since it will spend their life in a Court of justice and refuse international observers make any denunciation against the current electoral process.

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