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Sunday, September 30, 2007

Announced surveillance operation for Ecuadorian polls

Via Mathaba
Quito, Sep. 28th. ABN.- (Yesenia Chacón/ special correspondent).- The authorities of the National Police and the Armed Forces of Ecuador announced the details of the surveillance operation that both parts will deploy during the holding of constituent elections in the Andean country, next Sunday September 30th.

The leader of the Ecuador National Police, Bolivar Cisneros, stated that ''30 thousand 54 police officers will be ready for Sunday; 233 out of it are higher-ranking officers, 1,307 are officers, 27 thousand 227 are policemen, and 1,287 are future police officers.''

Different national mass media spread the announce of the National Police leader, who added that the institution will also have 1,890 vehicles, 2,232 motorbikes, 33 ambulances, 5 tow trucks, 3 helicopters and an aircraft.

Therefore, the Ecuadorian Armed Forces will do the same deploying an amount of 42 thousand 865 officers of the Army, the Marine and the Aviation.

According a press release published this Thursday by the journal Expreso de Guayaquil, Guayas department (southwest), the Armed Forces will have 2 thousand 320 vehicles, 17 helicopters, 28 motorboats and 30 trucks.

Likewise, the armed group guaranteed the arrival of all the electoral material to the committees in charge of collecting the votes of the country before the small hours on Sunday.

That day, more than 9 million Ecuadorians will go to the polls to choose the 130 representatives to conform the Constituent Assembly of full powers, which main task will be to draft a new Magna Carta, number 20 since 1830.

According the established on the Constituent Assembly statutes, this one will be settled without previous notification ten days after the Electoral Supreme Court (TSE, by its acronym in Spanish), the governing body of the process, announce the official results of the elections.

Since the day of its settling, the Constituent will have a 180 term to carry out its task, unless it establish a deferral that will jot exceed 60 days, counted from the due date of the first period.

Therefore, the police authorities and the mass media of all the country keep informing to the Ecuadorian population that the general banning to sell and consume alcoholic drinks will start on 12:00 of midday (local hour) of this Friday until the same time on Monday October 1st.

Translated by Felitza Nava

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