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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

March kicks off MPD Campaign

Translated from the MPD site, August 14, 2007

To cries of "Popular Democratic Movement to the fight", leaders, candidates for the national Constituent Assembly, supporters, militants and friends of List 15 [the MPD electoral list] , made a long march to the center of the Capital of the Republic to officially begin their electoral campaign for the Constituent Assembly.

Support for the policies and candidates of the revolutionary left was widespread during their passage through different streets; hugs and handshakes for the firm promise and the commitment that when arriving in the Constituent National Assembly it will fight for the changes that we Ecuadorians need, to build a new motherland and socialism.

The march was led by the candidates for the Constituent Assembly for Pichincha and by Cecilia Jaramillo, second national candidate of the MPD. Edgar Isch, first candidate for Pichincha, in statements to the mass media, affirmed that the policies and the candidates of List 15 are a guarantee for change, and that there will need to be a good representation of progressive sectors in the Constituent Assembly who will work to achieve the changes that the workers and the peoples of Ecuador yearn for.

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