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Sunday, August 26, 2007

Ecuador's President Makes Pitch for Socialism

From Prensa Latina
QUITO, August 23.-Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa spoke Thursday in favor of a 21st century socialism "born out of the hopes and needs of the people."

Speaking at an international forum on 21st century socialism taking place at the Quito city museum, Correa said that such a system "must be participative and radically democratic."

The president predicted the "political, economic and social defeat" of neoliberalism represented by the "Washington Consensus" economic policy prescriptions.

Correa said that socialism has the great challenge to present a new concept for development "in which living well, not living better, is sought, and in which issues like gender, regional and ethnic equality must be incorporated. "

Correa also defended his country's ties with Venezuela, Argentina, Uruguay and Bolivia. He noted how Bolivia had registered a surplus this year thanks to nationalizations.

Latin American scholars and politicians as well as several Ecuadorian government ministers attended the forum. (PL)

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