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Monday, August 20, 2007

Ecuador Will Be Transformed, Affirms Ambassador

Jorge Petinaud Martinez

Moscow, Aug 19 (Prensa Latina) The Correa government will take to the end radical transformations Ecuador needs to eliminate secular impoverishment, that country's ambassador to Russia Patricio Chavez said Sunday.

"I represent an executive eager to solve dangerous social problems that provoke an abysm between a wealthy and corrupt oligarchy and the majority of Ecuadorians, the new chief of legation told Prensa Latina.

In his first declarations to a press media since his arrival to Moscow on August 1, Chavez stressed the important role the Constituent Assembly will play in those changes on September 30.

"There are powerful groups that try to curb people's conquers, but I trust that representatives of the purest national interests will win those elections," stated the official.

President Correa's popularity surpasses 60 percent, a figure never reached before by a chief of government after six months of mandate, said the diplomat.

The ambassador notes that the new legislative structure will determine in general a new course in the economic, energy and social policy.

Talking of the Russian-Ecuadorian political relations, Chavez termed them as good, and mentioned some perspectives of scientific collaboration in the economic field.

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