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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Intl Campaign against Ecuador Govt Censured

Quito, Jul 20 (Prensa Latina) Ecuador's MPD (Democratic Popular Movement) on Friday warned of the beginning of an international campaign to pronounce the government of President Rafael Correa unlawful.

MPD leader Luis Villacis denounced there are attempts to divert the national and international public opinion's attention in front of the demand Ecuador will make to Colombia over glyphosate fumigations.

He warned Colombia intends to make a scandal for the recent international seminar here entitled Problems of the Revolution in Latin America Latina, in which a document supporting the armed struggle of guerrilla groups was approved.

The Bogota protest is linked to the arrival in power of a leftist chief of State, and this is why "there is now a campaign to try to recognize the government of Rafael Correa as illegitimate," Villacis stressed.

The MPD leader did not rule out that Correa's life is in danger, as Washington fears the advance of the leftwing in the region.

Villacis recalled there are also internal attempts to destabilize the executive, with the alleged lack of gas and rise of food prices.

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