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Friday, July 06, 2007

Ecuador Carving out New Democracy

Quito, Jul 5 (Prensa Latina) Political and economic reforms are the main proposals boosted by the Ecuadorian government in the future Constituent Assembly, to be established on October 30.
Those proposals were made by Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa to the National Higher Education Council, which is in charge of drawing up a draft for the new Constitution.
Correa considers the Assembly important and historical for the country, and its success "will depend on the people s support to achieve significant changes." "If citizens elect the same politicians as on September 30, the nation will remain in the same situation it was before January 15 last year, with rising prices of electricity, water, privatizations, and the handing over of sovereignty to foreign powers," said Correa.
He said the country has to go from a pseudo representative democracy to a participatory democracy, to elect legislators by district, so that each region of the country has its own representatives.

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