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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Censured Ecuador Minister Will Not Quit

Quito, Jul 16 (Prensa Latina) Ecuador's Economy Minister Ricardo Patino said Monday he will not resign and will remain at his job as long as he relies on the full backing of President Rafael Correa.

The congressional censure of my behavior was a complete farce, as there is no shadow of proof of any speculation with the 2030 bonds in February, he told local TV.

The minister said it is a pleasure to serve our country and that he is willing to account to any institution, as he did previously to the Legislature and its Supervisory Committee.

Nevertheless, he clarified he would not take part in any kind of political show, such as the one last week in Congress, to judge him without any evidence.

I would only attend a truly impartial trial, such as with the Attorney General or the Supreme Court, but not in Congress, with its damaged prestige, he added.

He denied local media reports that he had traveled to Venezuela 18 times in the last two months, pointing out he went only two or three times to boost projects of integration and of interest to both countries.

Patino also stressed he visited Brazil, Chile, Argentina and Peru to make progress on creation of the Bank of the South.

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