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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Ecuador: Video Does Govt Credit, Says Prez

Quito, June 11 (Prensa Latina) Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa said on Monday that broadcast of a new video, showing minister Ricardo Patino with Congress leader Jorge Cevallos, does credit to his Government's struggle.

"For minds, hearts and eyes without wickedness, without bad faith, all the tape does is credit to our Government," noted Correa.

"Our struggle, avoiding violence and confrontation, for Congress to back the people's mandate of the Constituent Assembly can be clearly seen there," the president stressed.

The head of State accused Teleamazonas TV channel, which broadcast the video, of lying, "as it used to repeat everyday that the Government had a pact with Sociedad Patriotica Party."

I would rather thank Teleamazonas for the broadcast of this new tape, showing the Executive's laudable effort to advance towards the implementation of the popular consultation, he said.

"There (on the tape) it can be seen how Sociedad Patriotica played dirty with Congress, negotiating with one party and with the other," he added.

"Thank you very much, Teleamazonas: the only thing you have done is to show how this Government acts. To try put pressure on us, we have been told they have 30 more such videos to show. Do as you please, we have nothing to be afraid of," Correa stated, while stressing that "this government boasts clean hands, clear minds and passionate hearts beating for our country."

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