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Saturday, June 02, 2007

Ecuador, Peru Presidents Buttress Ties

Tumbes, Peru, Jun 1 (Prensa Latina) Presidents Rafael Correa (Ecuador) and Alan Garcia (Peru) and Ecuador celebrated the fine state of bilateral ties Friday at the opening of a two-way Summit in northern Peru.

On welcoming the Ecuadorian president, Garcia voiced support to Latin American integration, reinforcing ties and opening a chapter of shared and complementary growth.

The Peruvian president also called to build a common space for investments, development, confidence and cultural creation.

President Correa said that bilateral ties are at their best, despite efforts to introduce differences, and called it a duty to improve these ties.

The Ecuadorian statesman also shunned bi-national competition, driven by the laws of the market, as a determinant for the future of the peoples, favoring instead complementarities and cooperation.

This Ecuador-Peru Summit in Tumbes also involves the cabinet ministers.

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