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Friday, June 29, 2007

Cuba Expands Operation Milagro in Ecuador

Ahora Cuba, June 28, 2007
A new ophthalmologic center with Cuban equipment and personnel has been opened in the Ecuadorian municipality of Machala.

During the opening of the new facility, Cuban Minister of Health, Dr. Jose Ramon Balaguer, highlighted the success of the Operation Milagro eye-surgery project in Latin America where it has restored the sight to some 700,000 people with curable eye diseases.

The Cuban minister pointed out that there are some 40 million citizens with eye diseases around the world and 5 million in Latin America, reports Granma newspaper.

Balaguer noted that the opening of this facility contributes to the reinforcing of Cuba-Ecuador bilateral relations.

The inaugural ceremony was also attended by Machala's mayor, Carlos Farquez; Cuban ambassador to Ecuador, Benigno Perez; and Secretary General of Ecuador's vice-presidency, Galo Cevallos.

Over 16,200 operations have been carried out in Ecuador in another two ophthalmologic centers opened in the last two years.


  1. It is purely fantastic! That is really great. Imagine what it means to these 16'200 persons who could have been operated thank to these centers. One should go on with those initiatives.

  2. Absoluely fantastic! Imagine what that means to all these people...