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Sunday, May 13, 2007

Rafael Correa is the most popular leader in America

Translated from El Tiempo, 9 May, 2007.
Guatemalan Oscar Berger is the least popular, according to a study published by Mitofsky.

Correa, that was invested as president on the 15th of January, obtained
an approval rating of 76 percent in the last survey conducted in his country in April, making him the most popular in all of America.

The second most popular leader, by a very small margin, is the Colombian Alvaro Uribe, who last month obtained a 75% approval rating, in spite of having been five years in the presidency of his country.

Next after him came the Mexican Felipe Calderón, who assumed power in December, with 65% of citizens satisfied with his government; the same percentage that the Venezuelan Hugo Chavez, who after eight years in the power still obtains a high approval rating, and the Bolivian Evo Morales, with 64%.

The least popular are the president of Guatemala, Oscar Berger, with only 20% approval; the Panamanian Martin Torrijos, with 24%; the American George W. Bush, who started the war in Iraq has just 36%; and the Dominican Leonel Fernandez (38%).

Amongst the other leaders, Nicaragua's Daniel Ortega (61%), Uruguay's Tabaré Vázquez (60%), Argentina's Néstor Kirchner (57%), Honduras' Manuel Zelaya (57%), El Salvador's Antonio Saca (56%), Costa Rica's Oscar Arias (55%), Paraguay's
Nicanor Duarte (54%) and Chile's Michelle Bachelet (51%), all recieved majority approval.

On the other hand, those that recieved below 50% approval include Brazil's Lula (49%), Peru's Alan Garcia (49%) and Canadian prime minister Stephen Harper (45%).

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