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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Parties Fuel Ecuador Congress Crisis

Quito, Apr 11 (Prensa Latina) Party interests are currently prolonging the political crisis in Ecuador´s Congress, which restarted its sessions without being able to reappoint leaders after dismissal of 57 congress people.

Wednesday they are again reorganizing committees and expect to appoint a secretary and vice president, issues that could not be resolved yesterday.

Congressional President Jorge Cevallos expressed regret that party interests in reshaping committees and appointments are coming before getting back to legislative work.

However, MPD (Democratic People s Movement) deputy Gustavo Teran denounced on Tuesday night that Cevallos continues siding with the opposition against the interests of most Ecuadorians.

He highlighted that only representatives of Renovador Institucional, Social Cristiano, Sociedad Patrioitica, and Democrata Cristiano parties were able to enter the presidential office for the meeting with bloc heads Tuesday.

Access to Cevallos office was denied to the party leaders who had concurred with the dismissal of the deputies and with the Constituent Assembly," he declared, as quoted by e-daily.

Teran rejected and condemned arrogant attitudes that do not help accomplish legislative work and control.

He hinted that interests of particular groups rather than collective interests were discussed in the closed meeting, thus he considered that Congress is still bogged down by rightwing leaders like Alvaro Noboa, Jaime Nebot and Lucio Gutierrez.

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