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Friday, April 13, 2007

Ecuadorians Ready for Referendum

Quito, Apr 12 (Prensa Latina) All over Ecuador the air is laden with the idea of Sunday's vote when Ecuadorians will decide if they want a change through a Constituent Assembly.

Ecuador's President Rafael Correa joined the campaign of social and political movements, and has toured some provinces to ratify the need to reform the current power structures.

The Ecuadorian president multiplied his appearances on TV and radio, declaring that a favorable vote for the Constituent Assembly would lead the way to essential social and political changes.

He said the Assembly will have the legal authority to dissolve Congress, the Supreme Court, and even replace the president, but not measures against the population or the dollarization of Ecuador.

Correa rejected the propaganda by opposition organizations, and reasserted that the US dollar would not be affected.

"The Assembly is going to elaborate a new Constitution", he said, adding that it would be able to make transformations and guarantee the rights to public services, such as health and education.

Alianza Pais, the president's political party, is now preparing support activities for Thursday in the provincial capitals, and spokesmen from the organization said most of the Ecuadorian population knows the objective of the plebiscite.

More than 9.18 million Ecuadorians are eligible to vote on Sunday.

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