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Saturday, April 07, 2007

Ecuadorians Back Popular Referendum

Quito, Mar 28 (Prensa Latina) Thousands of Ecuadorians from all over the country marched in this capital on Wednesday to back a popular referendum on the establishment of a full-power Constituent Assembly.

Ecuadorians Back Popular Referendum

The demonstrators, called by the National Constitute Assembly (ANC), took to the streets in Quito and concluded their march in front of the Constitutional Court, the Congress and the Government House.

Pedro de la Cruz, president of the National Federation of Indigenous and Black Farmers of Ecuador (FENOCIN), noted that they came to the capital to back the government, the referendum and the Constituent Assembly.

The demonstrators arrived in Quito in scores of buses and gathered at the Independence Square, in front of the Government House.

Previously, they had stopped in front of the Constitutional Court, where they warned the members of that body that they are closely following their maneuvers.

At the Independence Square, a group of demonstrators entered the Government House and met with President Rafael Correa, who greeted the crowd from a balcony and urged them to vote for the Constituent Assembly.

Finally, he warned that the opposition would spend millions of dollars to prevent the establishment of the Constituent Assembly and to hinder the people"s right to change and reforms.

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