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Saturday, April 07, 2007

Ecuadorian Opposition Loses Support

Quito, Mar 23 (Prensa Latina) Rejected by the majority and lacking political power in Congress, Ecuadorian opposition parties are dispersed and do not have support to stop the changes proposed by the government.

The popular referendum on the Constituent Assembly, scheduled for April 15, is a major step that will facilitate the reform of state structures.

Since the Supreme Election Tribunal (TSE) called the referendum on March 1, that institution has been the top national authority, thus preventing the process from being interrupted or stopped.

TSE President Jorge Acosta ratified on Thursday that the plebiscite would be held on April 15, and ruled out any decision by the Constitutional Tribunal to reestablish the 57 deputies removed by the TSE.

The lawmakers were removed for trying to hinder the election process, and despite their efforts to return to their posts, no judicial body has dared to go against the TSE decision.

President Rafael Correa said that Ecuador needs change to free the country from neoliberalism.

"We are talking about a citizens revolution, about a radical, deep and rapid change of the current structure, because Ecuador has no time to waste," he stressed.

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