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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Ecuador president wins 90 percent approval rating: survey

People's Daily Online, April 23, 2007
Ecuador's leftist President Rafael Correa enjoys 90-percent approval ratings, the best ever for an Ecuadorian president after 100 days in office, a newly released poll said Sunday.

The 44 year-old president, who was sworn-in last January as the country's eighth president in 10 years, was rated as "good" or "very good" by 62.3 percent and 27.7 percent of the people surveyed respectively, said the poll published by researchers Perfiles de Opinion.

525 people in the capital Quito and Guayaquil, a major city in southwest Ecuador, were surveyed.

A mere one percent rated him "very bad" and only 7.7 percent portrayed him as "bad," it said.

In addition, some 48 percent of those surveyed said the government's decisions had influenced the country favorably, with 22 percent describing the decision to double the state money paid to poor families as one of "the government's best."

However, 17 percent regarded Correa as "arrogant, controversial, despotic or bad tempered," but 40 percent described him as intelligent, a good person, dedicated, honest, capable, and happy.

Correa won the elections in November thanks to his close bond with Ecuador's poor majority. During the election, he promised to curb the excesses of Ecuador's political establishment.

Tall and charismatic, Correa has drawn big crowds with exciting speeches, assailing his opponents and critics as corrupt.

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