The people of Ecuador are rising up to refound their country as a pluri-national homeland for all. This inspiring movement, with Ecuador's indigenous peoples at its heart, is part of the revolution spreading across the Americas, laying the groundwork for a new, fairer, world. Ecuador Rising aims to bring news and analysis of events unfolding in Ecuador to english speakers.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Ecuador Assembly, Landslide Victory

Quito, Apr 16 (Prensa Latina) A resounding Yes vote Sunday for establishment of a Constituent Assembly in Ecuador paves the way for a new era in that country.
Ecuador Assembly, Landslide Victory

President Rafael Correa, considered a magnetic force for the country s left, said the 78.1 percent in favor have essentially buried past corruption and politicking in favor of a historical grassroots transformation.

He said the body must be careful of the wolves from the old party system dressed as sheep to get into the Assembly, but was sure the "people will no longer let themselves be cheated."

Supporters of the Assembly hope for a new participatory democracy, depoliticizing of the court system, a new territorial reordering and liberation from the neoliberal model for the economy.

The Supreme Electoral Court is scheduled to approve the triumph in coming days, and May 3 the Constituent Assembly should be officially declared.

That will be followed by a 45 day period of candidate registration, an election, and installation of the 130 member Assembly in October.

Debates will then extend until March or April 2008 and a new Magna Carta submitted to referendum.

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