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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Correa Presents Ecuador Plan

Quito, Apr 25 (Prensa Latina) Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa affirmed that "through the Ecuador Plan, we will counter war with peace" and will boost development and security in northern border towns.

During the presentation on Tuesday of the so-called "Ecuador Plan" at the Carondelet Palace (the house of government), Correa noted that he is betting on a proud, sovereign and generous nation where human beings will be the focus and will benefit from all programs.

The border project, he added, is a response of peace, justice and equity along the northern strip of the country, comprised of the provinces of Esmeraldas, Carchi, Imbabura, Sucumbios and Orellana.

He noted the need to change the situation of 1.97 million people (9 percent of Ecuador's population) who have been abandoned for years in a land marked by social violence.

Correa announced an investment of 135 million dollars in social and productive programs to build a positive border. He added that this amount will double soon with contributions from the international community.

The State will increase its presence along the northern border strip and will implement a policy of equitable and solidary international relations, and the defense of the country will be based on the protection of the people, the natural resources and the heritage.

He added that the Ecuador Plan will implement hundreds of social projects, including credits and microcredits to involve the local people in productive activities, thus preventing illegalities.

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