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Friday, March 02, 2007

Ecuador election court ratifies referendum date

QUITO, March 1 (Reuters) - Ecuador's top election court on Thursday ratified April 15 as the date for a referendum called by leftist President Rafael Correa on whether to rewrite the politically unstable country's constitution.

"The call for the referendum has been approved as it was planned," Election Court President Jorge Acosta told local radio, adding that an official announcement of the date would be televised on Thursday night.

Correa, a political outsider elected in November last year, has called for the referendum on whether to hold a special assembly to rewrite the constitution. He says changes are needed to curtail the influence of traditional political parties on courts and state-run companies.

Opposition lawmakers say Correa's plans for an assembly would lead him to consolidate his presidential powers as his ally President Hugo Chavez has done in Venezuela.

Voters will be asked whether to approve the formation of a 130-member group made up of lawmakers, leaders of social groups and ordinary citizens.

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