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Sunday, February 25, 2007

Ecuador, Venez Sever Oil Transnats

Esmeraldas, Ecuador, Feb 24 (Prensa Latina) With the beginning of direct exchange of crude oil for by-products, Ecuador and Venezuela did away Saturday with transnational mediators that drain Latin American economies.

"We are taking a first step by eliminating intermediation. We have learned of some mafias in our country that were capable of threatening the government of President Hugo Chavez," stated Venezuelan Energy Minister Rafael Ramirez.

Interviewed by press at Balao sea port in this city, northeast Ecuador, the official highlighted Caracas will to seal direct accords among state regional companies to avoid economic damages.

"We are convinced that state oil companies have lot more in common than intermediation and transnational interests," said Ramirez.

After the arrival here of the first shipment of 220,000 barrels of diesel, the Venezuelan minister noted that this operation is part of a series of projects and agreements signed with this country, including other sectors.

Accompanied by his Ecuadorian counterpart Alberto Acosta, Ramirez expressed his will of "using energy as a tool to join our peoples and build new economic and cultural opportunities."

With the arrival Friday of the ship with diesel, one of the eight agreements inked in January between these two nations was implemented.

The accord includes the delivery of 36,000 barrels of Napo crude oil daily to Venezuela and the purchase of 660,000 barrels of diesel in three shipments through Ecuador.

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