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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Ex- president Lucio Gutiérrez: “We do not support Rafael Correa but the Constituent Assembly”

Quito (CRE).

The Patriotic Society Party (PSP), after more than three hours in session, resolved not to abandon the Constituent Assembly and the new majority that was created last week.

The maximum leader of the party, ex-president Lucio Gutiérrez, ratified the decision after arriving at a consensus with the party High Command and its 24 deputies, with those who met on Tuesday.

Nevertheless, Gutiérrez in his speech indicated that the party “does not support Rafael Correa, but the Constituent Assembly”.

He added that always he has been in favor of the Constituent [Assembly] and that he himself even proposed it at one time.

Additionally, the ex-president made assurances that the 24 votes of the PSP deputies will be used for approving the presidential proposal.

“We support the Constituent Assembly, but know that by itself it it will not generate jobs, economic stability, will not lower the costs of basic services, will not improve the wages of Ecuadorians, will not reduce poverty, unemployment and insecurity; that is what Correa must do”, said Gutiérrez.

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