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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Correa for Constituent Assembly

Quito Jan 6 (Prensa Latina) Ecuadorian President-elect Rafael Correa visited two localities of the southern province of Zamora Chinchipe as part of his tour to seek national support for the Constituent Assembly.

Correa for Constituent Assembly

In Yantzaza and Paquisha Correa thanked inhabitants for their votes in the elections held on November 26 and called on them to support the Assembly as tool to change the Constitution and implement radical changes in the economic and political fields.

He ratified the commitment to guarantee the appropriate financial resources for the development of social sectors and to fulfill the promises announced during the electoral campaign.

The future dignitary warned of attempts from the opposition headed by Prian, the social-Christians, the Sociedad Patriotica Party and the Democrat-Christians.

Those political forces could make up a new parliamentary majority intended to restructure the Supreme Electoral Court, and hamper the referendum, he denounced.

Correa will assume the presidency of the nation on January 15, and has noted the need to recover the wasted time by the prior authorities who governed in benefit of their particular interests and to the detriment of the excluded population.

Correa returned to the capital and is expected to visit Santo Domingo de los Colorados, in western Quito, on Monday.

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