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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Constituent Assembly Stirs Ecuador

Quito, Jan 22 (Prensa Latina) Ecuador´s Supreme Electoral Court (TSE, in Spanish) is starting a decisive week Monday about President Rafael Correa´s proposal to convene a popular consultation to request a Constituent Assembly.

Correa stated this weekend that the TSE has no ability to qualify the referendum, and is limited to deal with it, because as president, the Constitution authorizes him to carry out such request.

Not everyone thinks the same and TSE member Pedro Valverde says that body is prepared to qualify whether the consultation is constitutional or not.

The Mandate´s internal Popular and Revocation Consultation article two, noted Valverde, establishes that after an appeal of referendum, the legal commission must present a report on the legality of the presidential request.

This does not discard that legal committee proposing on Monday that the referendum slated for March 18 be previously considered by the Parliament, as some opposition political parties request.

The regrouped parliamentary majority, which was declared an anti-constituent member, wants to steal the governmental referendum and the Constituent Assembly to adapt it to its interests, according to several sources.

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