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Friday, November 10, 2006

Rude Awakening for Ecuadorian Noboa

Quito, Nov 9 (Prensa Latina) The Ecuadorian presidential candidate and polls favorite Alvaro Noboa woke up on Thursday surrounded by accusations that could jeopardize his longed win in the November 26 runoff.

The Democratico-Frente de Unidad Antioligarquico (ADFUA), composed of social and political groups, said it will lodge a formal accusation before the Attorney s office against Noboa for buying votes.

It warned in a release on the negative consequences that an electoral triumph of the banana magnate may bring, as the neoliberal model that has ravaged the nation would be strengthened.

ADFUA leaders ratified their support for Alianza Pais runner Rafael Correa and complained about the behavior of Noboa, who showered money and gifts on the poor in all his tours.

They also alerted of his intentions to amass the economic-political power, make Ecuador into a banana farm and install a police state that would clamp down on freedom of speech as well as civil, union and social rights.

Meanwhile, workers of El Oro province said they will sue the Renovador Institucional nominee before an international body for untimely firing 120 laborers from one of his exporting companies.

Wednesday, Noboa toured Tungurahua province where he once more gave away wheelchairs, a computer and money to low-income people.

His rival Correa was in Cuenca, where he outlined his social proposals and supported declarations of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, who accused the multimillionaire of being a child exploiter.

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