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Friday, October 06, 2006

Rafael Correa denies that the FARC are terrorists

Colombian Vice-president criticizes Correa’s position on the FARC

October 05, 2006

Presidential candidate of the movement Alianza PAÍS (Alliance Country), Rafael Correa, said today that he does not accept the description of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (the FARC) as terrorists.

In an interview with international media, the candidate indicated that he does not accept their “categorisation” as terrorist and asserted that the FARC are “guerrillas who are fighting a war”.

Correa accused the Colombian army of authoring several attacks that are being attributed to the subversive group in the border zone of both countries, according to a report of Colombian television station RCN, relayed via TC Television.

In addition he denied that his political campaign has received funds from Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez. “We have campaigned very austerely and they do not understand that with initiative and creativity we can do more than those millions”, it indicated.

From El Universo.

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