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Thursday, October 19, 2006

Ecuador Elections in Doubt Due to Fraud

Quito, Oct 18 (Prensa Latina) Evidence of significant irregularities in Ecuador´s elections Sunday cast doubt on the official results declaring millionaire Alvaro Noboa of PRIAN (Renovador Institucional) leading with 26.24 percent.

With 79.72 percent of the votes counted, Rafael Correa of Alianza Pais, frontrunner in all the pre-election polls, was accounted 23.03 percent, Gilmar Gutierrez (Sociedad Patriotica) 17.72 and Leon Roldos (14.91).

Irregularities include the announced failure of the rapid count by E-VOTE company, the discovery of altered and as many as 10 percent missing ballots in Guayas Province , and photographic evidence of PRIAN members with marked ballots at voting stations.

Ricardo Patillo (Alianza Pais) denounced that Social Christian Alcer Villas, head of TSE planning, had plotted the fraud in secret meetings with executives of E-VOTE, the company hired to make the rapid vote count.

Patillo said their count gave Correa a half point lead over Noboa, and that this was done to snatch votes from Correa to go to the Nov 26 runoffs.

They even pushed for secret scanning but shifted to justify the fraud claiming a collapsed system, denounced congressional candidate Marta Roldos, sister of a presidential candidate, noting that the TSE has not announced the new members of Parliament and called for open-box, manual, transparent count.

From Prensa Latina.

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