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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Ecuador Creates Movement to Perpetuate Revolution

QUITO - Ecuadorian Minister for Politics Coordination Ricardo Patiño announced the creation of a political movement of socialist nature, aimed at the continuation of the People's Revolution.

The process started with the arrival in power of Rafael Correa, and now in the construction of the political movement an initial process has begun, with the discussion of documents, Patiño added.

The also poli-buro member of the Alianza Pais Movement noted the strategy is to discuss the project, elaborate it and make it known to everybody, to be later approved.

The official explained they are creating different secretariats, and a team of the Political Bureau is following those processes.

"We have been very careful to differentiate the functions of the party being created and those of the government. The resources of the movement belong to the movement, and those of the State belong to the State," he clarified.

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